Friday, 23 July 2010

Supporting research of Oriental and European lacquer

Yukiko Yoshi is a MA furniture conservation student at West Dean College. The dissertation she is working on is a comparative analysis of the metal powders used in
Oriental lacquer and the European imitations of Oriental lacquer, sometime called japanning. Her MA supervisors are: Mike Podmaniczky, Associate Professor at Winterthur Museum, Delaware, and tutor Furniture Programme at West Dean College; Nick Umney of the furniture consevation department of the Victoria and Albert Museum. In support of her research Yukiko requested access, in order to study and sample, several lacquer items at Temple Newsam House. I think there are two reasons why Yukiko looks so happy here. First that the access was agreed (and TN staff are looking forward to receiving a copy of her dissertation, heavy hint, Yukiko!). Second, Yukiko just learned that she has been awarded a six month paid internship, (HLF funded, ICON administered) in frame conservation at Guildhall Art Gallery. Supporting research and encouraging access have been fundamental to service delivery, since before I worked at Temple Newsam House, and all the years since, values I share with my colleagues, past and present. A precis of Yukiko's findings will be placed on the blog.

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