Thursday, 10 July 2014

Collections through Cake: The Outreach Box

At Leeds Museums & Galleries we adore it when people visit any (or indeed all) of our nine sites, but we do also take the museum off-site and out to schools, community groups, hospices and a whole host of other places!

This all about talking to people about the exhiblariting objects in our collections that tell stories about our city and our world. Recently, one of our much-beloved Outreachers moved on to pastures new and in true #MuseumCake style, we put together an outreach box to mark her departure.

To learn more about outreach possibilities for you and your group, please get in touch with Leeds Museum Discovery Centre, our Community Curators or with the start of the centenary of the First World War in mind, our Projects Curator.

Here's a couple more views of this awesome box:


What can you spot in our outreach box? Answer in the comments below ...

NB: The sides were made of thin fudge in cake form - our usual boxes are much, much sturdier!

By First World War Projects Curator Lucy Moore

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