Friday, 25 July 2014

Collections through cake: Sowing Seeds

The weekend many people will be sowing poppy seeds as an act of remembrance. The poppy has become irrevocably linked to the First World War. We’ve posted before about poppies and their significance across time. 

In this post, Lucy our First World War Projects Curator wanted to think about what seeds the commemorations will sow for the future. Through cake, of course.

To get down to the Mary Berry-ness, Lucy made a simple sponge, but added two tablespoons of poppyseeds and two very ripe chopped pears. The very same poppyseeds which were used as an ingredient were also available for staff at Discovery Centre to plant and grow.

As we sow these seeds, as we plan our exhibitions and as we engage people all across Leeds with the First World War, very careful thought is given about what legacy of understanding we are creating. As a museum service, we will be using our collections and our sites as lenses through which we can encourage understanding of the war and the effect of it across the last century.

Through the sowing of these metaphorical seeds, we want people to question the past, to discover their own First World War histories and to look forward with a clearer understanding of our pasts and how they shape our futures.  

By First World War Projects Curator Lucy Moore

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